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Sighting Whales in Mirissa SriLanka

Blue Whale Blue Whale

Scientific Name- Balaenoptera musculus

Weight- 172 metric tones

Long- 108 feet

Live- North-east Pacific, Antarctic and Indian Ocean Groups

Average Sightings- 25 at Dondra Point

Sperm Whale Sperm Whale

Scientific Name- Physeter macrocephalus

Weight- 57000 KG

Long- 67 feet

Live- North-East Pacific, Antarctic and Indian Oceans

Average Sightings- 13 at Dondra Point

Fin Whale Fin Whale

Scientific Name- Balaenoptera physalus

Weight- 45 -75 Tons

Long- 88 feet

Live- North Atlantic, Antarctic, Southern oceans

Average sightings- 5 at Dondra Point

Bottlenose Dolphin Bottlenose Dolphin

Scientific Name- Tursiops truncatus

Weight- 650 KG

Long- 6.6 – 13 feet

Live- Atlantic, Southern Ocean

Average sightings- 10 Dondra Point

Spinner Dolphin Spinner Dolphin

Scientific Name- Stenella longirostris

Weight- 23-79 KG

Live- Atlantic and Southern Ocean (Tropical waters around world)

Average sightings- 20 at Dondra Point