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Things to do Weligama and Mirissa Area

Weligama beach is the ideal place for surfing especially for beginners. The best thing is this area is safe and no threat of sharks. There are many surfing sites around the world but most places have one big threat that is sharks but Weligama is totally safe. You can involve with Kite surfing and wing surfing. The experience you will never forget because this is one of great creation of Mother Nature. You may find all facilities for surfing in Weligama not even that Weligama has identified one of surfing brake place of the world.

You can surf in Weligama and Mirissa areas. You can get surf boats and surf lessons within this golden sandy village very easily.

Diving and snorkeling

This sandy village named “Weligama “is one of tourist hot spot of diving and snorkeling. This village of sand has large natural bay shielded by a shallow coral reef. Visitors may find great shallow reef to snorkel also rock formation undersea and resident marine life for SCUBA Diving. This coral reef you may fine many endemic species.

Even you may find the experts for diving and snorkeling in Weligama. They will guide you to get the maximum experience and pleasure of diving in Weligama. Already we have identified many hot spot for diving.

Stilt fishermen

Within Weligama area you can see amazing view that is stilt fishermen its old Sri Lankan tradition. One person spends many hours sitting on a thin plank and he has one hope that is to catch one or two little fish. Its very amazing experience for the guest because that is one of Sri Lankan identity.

Even this is one of identity of Weligama surrounding area. More Information Please download below Excursion Book here