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Whales Watching

Whales WatchingDondra, south of Srilanka is the easiest place to see a blue whales in a very short time in the world. Mirissa, weligama is the spotting place of blue whales. Sperm whales, right whales, killer whales, whale sharks, turtles, and kinds of dolphins also spotted in our sea all over the year.

Staring 7:00am everyday, trip is 3-5 hours, breakfast in the boat, sanitary

Photography Tours

Photography ToursChannels, TVs, magazines, sites, and professional photographers are warmly welcome to get your bestclip of blue whale and other spices. I will provide your boat in mirissa, weligama of south srilanka. Special arrangements on your demand of our boats.


ExpeditionsWhale expertise, scientists, naturalists, students are to expected on blue whales and other spices of our southern sea of Dondra. Studying the nature of blue whales and other spices with our naturalist Anoma Achrige on our boats. Trips can be arrange on you demand.

Swim with Whales

Swim with WhalesUnforgettable experience in your life time by swimming with the worlds’ largest mammal in our deep blue water of southern sea. Dondra is the most attractive place to do this in the world be course of the behavior of blue whales. Specially arranged our boat with perfect guiding will full fill you dream.

Underwater Photography

Underwater PhotographyGet your camera ready to fallow the blue whale for your most valuable photo or clip in your carrier of underwater photography. Crystal clear water of Dondra sea will help to see the blue whales through your camera and get your unforgettable picture. Expertises of our boat help your dream come through.

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